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Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit

Welcome to Mobile Deposit with First State Bank. This service allows you to transmit an electronic image of a check to First State Bank using the camera in your mobile device, for deposit to your eligible First State Bank account through the FSB Mobile App.

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1.  Who's eligible to use Mobile Deposit?  You can use Mobile Deposit if:

     a.  Your account has been open at least 90 days.

     b.  Your account is in good standing.

     c.  You have an online banking account and have downloaded the mobile app.

     d.  Business accounts are not eligible for the Mobile Deposit service.

2. How do I enroll for Mobile Deposit? Go to our website at and click the ONLINE tab, Mobile Deposit and then the enrollment link.  Once the enrollment process has been completed by our staff you will receive an email stating your enrollment request has been processed.  It may take 1-2 days to receive notification.

3. What type of phone is required to make a Mobile Deposit?  Mobile Deposit is supported on most iPhone and Android based smartphones.  iPhones 3GS and above are supported as long as they are running Apple iOS 5.0.1 or newer.  Android based smart phones must have at least a 2 Megapixel camera and be running Android 2.2 or newer.

4.  What is the cost to use Mobile Deposit?  There are no cost to the customer to use Mobile Deposit.  Please refer to the Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions for more details.

5.  Can I deposit any type of check?  Most checks are acceptable including payroll and government checks.  The following check types are NOT allowed through Mobile Deposit.

     a.  Money Orders

     b.  Travelers Checks

     c.  Two Party Checks

     d.  Foreign Checks

     e.  ComData Checks

     f.  Credit Card Advance Checks

     g.  Savings Bonds

6. Is there a limit on the number of checks I can deposit?  There is not a limit to the number of checks that can be deposited as long as the daily deposit total does not exceed $3,000.  Only one check per deposit is allowed.

7.  Do I need to endorse my check?  All checks need to be endorsed with the payee signature and labeled "For Deposit Only" prior to being scanned.

8.  When will my deposit be available?  Deposits submitted on a business day prior to 4:00 PM that have passed the review process will be posted that day.  Deposits are generally available for withdrawal on the next day.  Holds may apply to all mobile deposit items.

9.  What do I do with my paper checks once I've depoisted them?  Write "MOBILE DEPOSIT" across the front of the check and the date of deposit.  Once you have confirmed the deposited funds have been credited to your account, securely store the check for 7-14 days before destroying it (we recommend shredding).

10.  How do I make a mobile deposit?

     a.  Make sure you have downloaded the First State Bank Mobile Banking app on your iPhone or Android device.

     b.  Sign in on the Mobile Banking app using your online banking user ID and password.

     c.  Select the "Deposit" button.  The deposit tab will be at the top for Android users and the bottom for iPhone users.

     d.  Select the checking or savings account into which you want your check to be credited.

     e.  Type in the amount of your check.

     f.  Make sure your check is properly endorsed.

     g.  Take a photograph of the front and back of your check.

     h.  Confirm the transaction by selecting yes or no.

     i.  If the deposit has passed all steps, it will now show as Pending.

11.  What are some reasons my deposit may be rejected?

     a.  Dollar amounts may not match.

     b.  Folded or crumpled checks.

     c.  Poor lighting.

     d.  The image may not be in focus or the entire check may not be visible.

     e.  Duplicate item.

12.  How will I know if my deposit has rejected?  You may see an error message at the time of deposit.  At the time you will be able to retake the picture or start over with a new deposit.

 13.  Will I have the ability to view history of my deposited items?  You will be able to view 30 days of deposit history captured from your mobile device.

Please contact our customer service department if you need assistance.