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New website improvements

September 2012

In order to serve you better, we've recently relaunched our website.  With the new website we aim to give you quick access to important services, such as your online banking, and improve the way we provide information to you.

A list of some of the signficant improvements we've made are here:

  • Quick access to online banking:  The login to your online banking is available at the top of every page of the new website, meaning you don't have to visit other pages to find it
  • Search with recommendations: We've upgraded our search facility so that when you search you may see a handful of useful recommendations to get you to what you need quickly
  • Elegant design: We've updated our website design to be both elegant and informative
  • Updated page layout:  We've streamlined our pages and removed most of the clutter to make them easier to read.  They are also easier to skim if you're in a hurry
  • Leadership profiles: We know its important to you to know who is who at your bank, so we've included profiles for our Executive Team, Branch Managers and Loan Officers
  • Powerful new content management system: We have installed a powerful new system allowing us to update our website frequently, bringing important information to you more quickly
  • Use on multiple devices:  We've improved the site to make it more compatible with many types of computers, with tablets such as the iPad and also with smart phones.  We still advise you to make sure you keep your web browser up to date for security purposes